#Micro Review

Promoting Shariah compliant project in WEB 3 is one of the toughest challenges, and yet every risk/danger entails an opportunity, MRHD DeFi taps into 3 trillion dollar Islamic Finance: (Blue Ocean opportunity)

The audacity to build ecosystem and developing narrative of ethics in Crypto is admirable, but how realistic?

Ecosystem describes the significance and scale of the ecosystem split into... More


#Micro Review

Marhaba DeFi is a decentralized finance network that is filling a major gap in the current crypto world. Marhaba is building a unique ecosystem of shariah-compliant / faith-based / ethical crypto-financial solutions to the market.

This is being executed by bringing multiple ethical products, usually isolated, together in one single coherent ecosystem. While Marhaba states it is inclusive of all... More


#Micro Review

What really stands out to me is the potential impact of this project on individuals who have been subjected to financial censorship. I find the concept behind this project intriguing.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers a much-needed alternative for people who have been restricted or banned from the traditional financial system. By utilizing DeFi, individuals can conduct financial transactions... More



I am fan of Structures, and when information is well structured and managed it makes it easier for anyone to find required info, address concerns users have and simplify user journey.

MRHB has succeeded in putting the structure together, but what in my opinion they seem to be failing at is integration of bots, FAQ and more engaging AMA sessions and empowerment of ambassador program.

Assuming more enthusiastic users are likely to join and community eventually become more sustaining and collectively supporting.



Micro Review gave an opportunity to share a glimpse of the project, and here i would like to go slightly deeper into overview of marketing.


It takes lots of work to think how to explain infrastructure, event more difficult if it`s Shariah driven project and MRHB did a god job of rolling out white paper, shariah paper, light paper which deserves 5 star review.


Website went thru... More



As a saying goes: If your dreams dont have a dream, and first time i lied eye on MRHB they seem to have fit the criteria of dreaming as well as thinking big.

An entire ecosystem initially was built on Binance-chain and during later stages make it chain agnostic.

Our of an entire ecosystem there are 3 functional products:

  1. Sahal is a gateway to all offerings within... More

#On-Chain Activity

Unfortunately, across DefiLlama, TokenTerminal, Arkham, Dune, or on their site, I am unable to find any onchain activity apart from price charts on CMC/CoinGecko. However, I believe that is also because they have yet to launch their Liquidity Harvester and staking mechanism (MIRO), and TVL is yet to be effectively locked in. Their current live products are an asset wallet (infrastructure), a... More



Community is truly what drives the success of a project, and it is extremely easy to find all the socials on MRHB's website. They have telegram annnouncements for up to 6 different languages (including English), and breaks down the barrier to entry for Muslims that may not have English as their first language, but wish to enter the DeFi scene.

With 3.74k subscribers on YouTube, they have been... More



MRHB has one of the strong teams and to give an analogy there are 2 columns on which MRHB is built.

  1. The first one is Buidlers and promoters, where N. Muhammad the founder who developed the idea after an interview when he was asked if there is any Islamic WEB 3 project that later beacme his call and he quit his full time job back in S.Arabia to embark on WEB 3 journey, D. Dalkilic kicked off... More


Tap into 3 trillion dollar Islamic Finance!

Islamic fianance by default is sticky, lazy money due to Shariah and restrictions it imposes in interest driven work, hence MRHB Team took on the idea of combining WEB 3 and Shariah together, conducted a very deep research about the industry exploring challenges and opportunities in their white paper.

I admit, this is one of the most comprehensive... More



The tokenomics of $MRHB looks relatively good, as follows and attached (img2):

Maximum Supply: 1B $MRHB Tokens Allocations:

  • 20% Treasury
  • 30% Seed
  • 9% Public Sale
  • 3% Strategic VC Round
  • 1% IDO Sale
  • 20% Team/Advisors
  • 10% Platform Rewards
  • 7% Strategic Partnerships

At first glance, the team and advisors, along with strategic partnerships take up 27% of total allocations, and does not... More


One thing that I really like about this project, like other projects, is that the Core team is doxxed and are fully transparent and allows us to take a look into their history. Instead of wondering if the team members are real, we can look into their profiles (such as on LinkedIn) and take a look at prior/current projects that they are also currently working on:

  • The founder and Chief... More


The MRHB team has received several awards for their work. As an Islamic crypto company, MRHB aims to create an ethical DeFi ecosystem that caters to the needs of faith-based and ethically conscious communities. In 2022, they released three halal DeFi products that uphold their values, which led to the following awards (fig 1):

  • Best New Islamic Crypto Platform (Australia) - World Business... More

#Micro Review

I am checking this project from couple of months but not seeing any big developments on this. Team is not doing any Marketing. Hope so in near future we can see some improvements. But I know that they have launched their sahal wallet which is good work for the team as there are lot of features in that wallet like cross chain swap which is now a good part of any wallet. The only thing I will suggest is that team should focus on doing marketing and make their project visible to the market. Good luck


I appreciate the concept behind this project. Although I won't delve into my beliefs about religion, I understand why they've incorporated it into the project name. I also recognize that they are taking risks with this project, as some governments do not easily support the freedom MRHB is aiming to provide.

DeFi offers an alternative for individuals who have been subjected to financial... More


On their website, there is a team page that provides information about the team members, and they also invite you to learn more about them on LinkedIn. However, it's unclear who holds the position of operational leader or CEO based on the titles provided. After conducting my own search, I found Naquib to be the CEO and Feris to be the CCO. This ambiguity in titles may have been intentional.

I... More

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MRHB DeFi Network (MRHB) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2021and operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) platform

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