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Promoting Shariah compliant project in WEB 3 is one of the toughest challenges, and yet every risk/danger entails an opportunity, MRHD DeFi taps into 3 trillion dollar Islamic Finance: Show More

Marhaba DeFi is a decentralized finance network that is filling a major gap in the current crypto world. Show More

What really stands out to me is the potential impact of this project on individuals who have been subjected to financial censorship. Show More


I am fan of Structures, and when information is well structured and managed it makes it easier for anyone to find required info, address concerns users have and simplify user journey. Show More


Micro Review gave an opportunity to share a glimpse of the project, and here i would like to go slightly deeper into overview of marketing. Show More


As a saying goes: If your dreams dont have a dream, and first time i lied eye on MRHB they seem to have fit the criteria of dreaming as well as thinking big. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

Unfortunately, across DefiLlama, TokenTerminal, Arkham, Dune, or on their site, I am unable to find any onchain activity apart from price charts on CMC/CoinGecko. Show More


Community is truly what drives the success of a project, and it is extremely easy to find all the socials on MRHB's website. Show More


MRHB has one of the strong teams and to give an analogy there are 2 columns on which MRHB is built. Show More


Tap into 3 trillion dollar Islamic Finance!

Islamic fianance by default is sticky, lazy money due to Shariah and restrictions it imposes in interest driven work, hence MRHB Team took on the idea of combining WEB 3 and Shariah together, conducted a very deep research about the industry exploring challenges and opportunities in their white paper. Show More


The tokenomics of $MRHB looks relatively good, as follows and attached (img2):

Maximum Supply: Show More


One thing that I really like about this project, like other projects, is that the Core team is doxxed and are fully transparent and allows us to take a look into their history. Show More


The MRHB team has received several awards for their work. As an Islamic crypto company, MRHB aims to create an ethical DeFi ecosystem that caters to the needs of faith-based and ethically conscious communities. Show More

I am checking this project from couple of months but not seeing any big developments on this. Show More


I appreciate the concept behind this project. Although I won't delve into my beliefs about religion, I understand why they've incorporated it into the project name. Show More


On their website, there is a team page that provides information about the team members, and they also invite you to learn more about them on LinkedIn. Show More

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