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$ROSE is a native Oasis Network asset launched in November 2020. It is used for the payment of transaction fees, the delegation of authority at the consensus level, and staking by validating nodes ( nearly the same as ETH).

TLDR on Token Metrics - pretty well designed tokenomics model with long-term structure, staking rewards and consensus voting power except (again!) big % distribution(48% in total) to different "Backers/Contributors/etc", namely VCs. (Spoiler - due to the big pump during end 2021-early 2022 and subsequent drop I believe that several big players dumped their bags)

  • Token Distribution(1st pic). Exorbitant % for Backers/Contributors
  • A16Z is among "big" backers, these guys playing extremely smart and long-term(2nd pic)
  • Well designed Circulation Schedule(3rd pic)
  • Staking Rewards Schedule which looks like a good attempt to reduce inflation more or less. (4th pic)

4 stars, not 5 is only because I really believe its possible to create a healthy + sustainable model without giving so big % to manipulative players especially if the product doesn't generate any serious profit in terms of revenue/business model. But it seems a kind of manipulation took place during the last periods(not a surprise in crypto space obviously).

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