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The Oasis Protocol is a privacy-first, decentralized data and compute exchange platform. It is powered by its own open source blockchain and features... More

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Layer 1Privacy

$ROSE is a native Oasis Network asset launched in November 2020. It is used for the payment of transaction fees, the delegation of authority at the consensus level, and staking by validating nodes ( nearly the same as ETH). Show More


The Oasis Network has established itself as a leading web3 privacy champion by placing great importance on the needs of the community, providing high-quality products, and educating the community through engagement and entertainment and I believe it deserves a strong 4-star rating. Show More


The community may be getting the short end of the stick...

The project's tokenomics seem to favor large investors and contributors, and Oasis is dipping into the staking pool with vested foundation tokens. Show More


Pretty decent website that gets the info across: they're a privacy enabled and scalable blockchain. Show More


The fixed cap is 10B tokens and it's always great when there is a fixed supply. Only about 1.5B tokens were available at launch, according to their website. Show More


I'm not convinced that Oasis truly cares about privacy. I would avoid this project if you're looking for a platform to build a privacy focused project on. Show More


Oasis Network ($ROSE) is a modular blockchain which specializes in privacy-preserving techniques. Show More

A privacy enabled layer 1. Great looking project and whitepaper. They have lots of unique ideas on how to enable private data on blockchain and they have partnerships with Meta and BMW. Show More


Consider $ROSE and its prospects in the medium and long term.

  • AI narrative. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence coins and big data, even for projects that have no connection to AI. Show More
  • Extremely active Telegram

  • Community is in the Nav bar and has lots of items. They clearly put a lot of emphasis on the community

Show More

"Layer 1 PoS smart contract platform that provides scalability, extensibility, and privacy. Show More

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