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The community may be getting the short end of the stick...

The project's tokenomics seem to favor large investors and contributors, and Oasis is dipping into the staking pool with vested foundation tokens.

Although I was lucky enough to discover this project in its early stages when it offered free tokens through staking USDT, I have several concerns with the tokenomics. First, the distribution of these free tokens was not evenly spread out, with big investors receiving disproportionately large allocations of free tokens. Additionally, the tokenomics heavily favor backers, core contributors, and strategic partners, who hold over 50% of the total tokens.

Moreover, the release schedule for the tokens is problematic, with a significant number of tokens released over the first two unlocks for backers, which smells fishy. Also, not a fan that the vested foundation tokens (~10%) are staked and cannibalizing the 23% reward pool for average retail investors and holders, leading to further concerns about the project's tokenomics.

The 24-hour trading volume is also quite low, and the TVL of 22.5M ranks the project at #46 among chains. Show Less


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