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I just realized I never reviewed this project even though I've been making fun of it since the beginning.

Projects like Pepe are what is wrong with the crypto industry, and I just noticed that Cyrator itself ranked a 3.2 stars on Pepe which to me is a failure of the platform itself. Projects like this are cash grab by the creators devoid of any benefit to the industry. We need to stop thinking about get-rich-quick schemes that will financially lead to financial ruins for everyone that buy at the top, and instead support projects that have real lasting value for the industry.

The more investors get scammed by such projects, the more we are shooting ourselves in the foot as we keep burning our market by pumping and dumping these absolute stupid coins.

Pepe is exactly like saying, I'm building a technology company devoid of value to anyone except it's to make early investors rich until the company ultimately collapse. Only early investors may benefit if they sell at the right time.

Meanwhile, very good projects that are providing real value to users and the industry are being overlooked in favor of this project. I'm a bit ashamed that other Cyrator analyst ranked well this coin. Yes, they did really well in terms of marketing, but ultimately it makes the industry worse.

If the crypto market could attract institutional money, we could grow 100X instead of the next bull run going up 2X or 3X. Again, short term thinking and promoting stupid projects only hurt the industry long term and prevent it to reach its full potential. Show Less

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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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