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Roadmap is directly correlated with a community, one thing that makes the project a laughing stock at the same time genius move is their approach, and even more interesting, it happened during the bear market. Show More

I don`t know if one has to cry or laugh by looking at meme coins taking over an important and life changing industry — WEB 3 by storm, breeding meme millionaires that barely have any value in any form or shape in the space. Show More


Whats the idea behind every memecoin? Fun or making fun of things. Pepe has been used for many years and the creator of this character didn't want that, even tried to stop it when it started but stopped trying when more and more people started creating Pepe memes. Show More

Taking the infamous Pepe the Frogs' huge existence from 4chan and other meme havens, the creators of $PEPE launched a token to fend off the dog meme coins and make meme coins great again. Show More


PEPE seems to have brought a new, a renaissance age, in meme coins industry.

Meme coins originated with the advent of Dogecoin (DOGE) in late 2013 and reached peak interest during the 2021 bull market. Show More

The old me would be ranting about how useless Meme coins are, and Pepe certainly gets the title of "King Meme Coin" Show More


Reality remains true despite our wishes and desire and Pepe has done a great job taking the least useful idea and turned into the most sought after craze in WEB 3. Show More


We made money off of it, and that's cool. However, it's important to recognize that meme coins, like many other speculative projects, have a limited shelf life. Show More

LMFAO how do I even put this; the era of DOGE and SHIB is over, and PEPE's here for the stay. Show More

I have nothing against meme coins per se, but you have to understand that they are like penny stocks. Show More

Drop of the meme token PEPE by 15%

Over 16 trillion tokens from the multi-signature wallet PEPE were sent to addresses associated with Binance, OKX, and Bybit. Show More


Here's a quick rundown of MEME coins economy. It is composed of pump and dumps cycle that leaves countless of late adopters in complete ruins, and hurt the entire industry. Show More

I just realized I never reviewed this project even though I've been making fun of it since the beginning. Show More

I think the idea is crap. First, speculating on a meme character without proper follow-through ( since memes get old pretty quickly) is not a reliable way to build currency. Show More

What can I say, have been shorting this token since the peak.

Memecoin as it may be, PEPE seems to have heralded the advent of another memecoin season from what we can see. Show More


Pepe is a meme project everybody knows that. However the impact had in just 1 month of launch is just impressive never happened in crypto industry. Show More

PEPE is likely here to stay. Although the token has no fundamental value, human speculation is a very real thing, and nowhere is that more clear than in the very early days of these cryptocurrency markets. Show More


Diving deeper into the $PEPE contract and community, I've come to see that the developer has renounced the contract and does not have the ability to withdraw liquidity from the pool of decentralised exchanges! Show More

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