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Reality remains true despite our wishes and desire and Pepe has done a great job taking the least useful idea and turned into the most sought after craze in WEB 3.

What does it take to market memecoins, especially useless meme coins and reap profits?

This is the worst idea that ever worked, just like its previous predecessors, as indicated on its website, the token has no value in any form or shape, it has humble number of organic users, and yet it became a hit, though i still have hard time understanding what is the magic behind successful marketing, i`ll give it a shot.


Whoever started a project makes it clear as indicated in the attached screenshot that project has no association with Matt Furie or Pepe the Frog and they simply decided to make $PEPE is just a token is USELESS and designed for Entertainment purposes only. The message on the website is clear, straight forward and challenging the dominance of so called DOG meme coins, but why would crowd follow and go crazy about this useless token that is for entertainment purposes only?

This is one of the mysterious of life, at least for me

Community Engagement:

Meme coins often prioritize building and nurturing a strong and engaged community. They encourage active participation, discussions, and contributions from community members. This includes utilizing social media platforms, forums, and dedicated community channels to facilitate communication and collaboration. PEPE`s both discord as well telegram channels are not impressive, but constructive, easy to navigate, at first, there is nothing unique, no mess, no chaos, but order and bot that makes the wonder work.

Social Media Hype: Meme coins rely heavily on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok, to generate hype and gain traction.

Twitter in particular is very well retained, content and brands are well aligned, message and humour are part of most content publications.

Memes and Visual Content:

Memes are a core element of meme coins' marketing strategy. They create visually appealing memes, GIFs, or videos that incorporate the coin's branding, mascot, or theme. These memes are designed to be humorous, relatable, and shareable, making them more likely to go viral and reach a wider audience.

Though i still have hard time understanding how this project took off, but data and observations dont lie... my search goes on. Show Less


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