Polkadot is the brainchild of Gavin Wood who was also one of the founders of Ethereum. Polkadot is a PoS blockchain protocol designed to enable a network of independent, interoperable blockchains. It allows users to move assets and data between different blockchains, enabling applications to be built on top of multiple blockchains. Another strength of DOT is the PoS algorithm that allows for a network to be run by a network of nodes, rather than needing power hungry gfx cards. It’s been estimated that PoS is nearly 100% less power consuming than traditional PoW. This also allows for high transaction speed. DOT currently does around 1000 tx per second, with the goal of up to 1 million. Another central pillar is democratic governance with proposals being voted on by the community. Polkadot has raised roughly $200 million from investors, which makes it one of the best funded blockchain projects in history. It has a sister project called Kusama, which is a test network for Polkadot that has developed into an ecosystem of its own. The native Polkadot token is DOT. Show Less

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