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Polkadot getting dragged into the mud. Mismanagement of budgets happens everywhere, but let's go over a recent post on Twitter about the marketing spending of Polkadot. Show More


Polkadot has an amazing developer community and in q3 last year it surpassed 15k developer contributions per month on their Github, that's the highest recorded on any network ever, including Ethereum. Show More


Polkadot is built around its Relay Chain, which allows for the network's shared security and interoperability, which is connected and interoperable with its Parachains, which are sovereign blockchains that has their own tokens and own PoS networks powering them. Show More

Polkadot is the brainchild of Gavin Wood who was also one of the founders of Ethereum. Polkadot is a PoS blockchain protocol designed to enable a network of independent, interoperable blockchains. Show More

I like that Polkadot is a project that's trying to solve a key problem, blockchain interoperability. Show More


Polkadot is currently trading at $6.28 which is down 88.6% from it's ATH of $54.98 in Nov 2021. Show More

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