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I discovered (No Token Yet - NOT $PYX) through Coinweb, and it claims to be a “New, Chain-Agnostic, Multi-Layer Blockchain Solution” with “The Most Advanced Suite of Tools in Crypto.”

And it’s new; like really, really new. As in I was the 55th person to join their Discord. This might be a DEGEN Play since it’s soo early on; but. I really like this project.

I don’t know if it’s because of the site design, which is well branded and provides an enjoyable user experience while effectively communicating everything that it’s aiming to achieve… how it’s able to say so much with so little words - and a bunch of sleek, sexy, screenshots.

Or if it’s because it ticks all of my boxes for what I’m looking for in a project that is setting out to do what is?

Human readable smart contracts with Contract Registry. ✔️ Everything you need in Web 3|5|X simplified. ✔️ Web 3|5|X security bridge integration. ✔️ Full Multi-Sig Wallet Suite. ✔️ Network agnostic and legacy smart contract support. ✔️ Living provable documents. ✔️

Sign me up.

What do they want to achieve? Nothing short of a Wallet Revolution. But the site itself is a definitive demonstration of the team’s ability to tackle the challenges that are presented in its problem statements and solutions. Show, don’t Tell. And do, tell me more, show me more.

If a site can “sing to my ears,” this one was like an orchestra to my face. I even already signed up to test their Beta release… Show Less

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