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Say Hello to DePIN-Kawin

Hey guys!

The other of the two most trending narratives in crypto right now (the first one I wrote about was RWA) is DePIN - short for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure. And it is one that I am personally getting more excited about, due to the ability to participate by providing real value to decentralized networks and be rewarded with a growing portfolio of passive income. After all, the key to breaking free financially is (according to our good friend, Robert Kiyosaki) to convert selling your limited resource of Time into scaling up income from assets that accumulate your wealth all on their own - without the need for you to be actively working for them.

Enter DePIN. For me, it started with purchasing a XAI Sentry Node and learning how to run it over CLI with a VPS Cloud Server. I use Contabo, where you can rent extremely powerful hardware for what can really be said to be a low, entry-level price. $20-$30 to setup and $9 per month is truly affordable to everyone. [shameless shill: if you decide to get one, my customer ID for referrals is 12743160]

Well, then I finally learned some basic programming in order to run the node 24/7 with 100% uptime and start earning crypto as a network contributor. And now I have this uber-powerful cloud computer that is able to offer more services to more networks. What's more? I'm feeling the calling to evangelize and provide step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the top DePIN projects over my social media and web3 communities. I hope that "DePIN-Kawin" has found his niche and can really get into this as a content creator!

Let's explore this growing opportunity together and learn the ropes towards a #WAGMI future. Where to start? Messari has a nice capture of the segment, provided in this post.

Please, don't hesitate to DM me or leave in the comments if you have experience or want to know more about contributing to any specific project! Find me on DeBank under the web3ID "rukawin" and hope to see you guys on X, Warpcaster, Dmail, you name it. LFG!!! <3 Show Less


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