'A network of AIs that nobody owns'

I find this concept of quite intriguing, as it signifies a significant move away from the current centralized AI models controlled by tech giants, a direction I wholeheartedly support.

When it comes to envisioning leaders for a project like SingularityNET, which seeks to decentralize AI and dismantle the barriers limiting access to AI technology, Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson stand out as exceptional candidates. Both possess remarkable intelligence and extensive backgrounds in AI. I could not think of two better people to pull this vision off.

SingularityNET has already demonstrated its capability by establishing an impressive ecosystem of numerous active AI projects and forming valuable partnerships, further solidifying its position.

Nevertheless, I do have one major concern - SingularityNET represents an ambitious leap into a future where AI and blockchain technology intersect, transforming how we access and engage with AI services. While this advancement holds immense potential, it also raises fears about the possibility of rendering human intelligence obsolete, a prospect which is a fearful thought. Show Less

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