SingularityNET AGIX

Decentralised AI marketplace

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SingularityNet had a massive growth since ChatGPT came to fame and the project didn't suffer the last crypto crash making it somewhat uncorrelated to BTC and the rest of crypto market. More

There are a lot of things wrong with this project.

First and foremost, they throw around a lot of buzzwords, but don't take the time to explain them plainly. More

'A network of AIs that nobody owns'

I find this concept of quite intriguing, as it signifies a significant move away from the current centralized AI models controlled by tech giants, a direction I wholeheartedly support. More

Whom didn't hear about AI? I guess nobody, but the real issue for consumers and not field experts is to identify real projects with solid background. More

SingularityNET, a groundbreaking project in the rapidly advancing AI sector, is making strides in establishing a decentralized infrastructure for a global AI service market. More

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