Whom didn't hear about AI? I guess nobody, but the real issue for consumers and not field experts is to identify real projects with solid background. In crypto, for the most, many projects just put AI on their project name or token just to sell quick bucks but actually without any real utility and technology/expertise behind. Well, fortunately, this is not the case for Agix! First of all, in this kind of project is always a good practice to check the leadership behind: Dr. Ben Goertzel is the founder of Agix, well if the name doesn't ring any bell, please have a look on his website, however just to mention something, he published 25 books, more than 150 technical papers and he's a PhD in mathematics. The project is about building the first marketplace for AI ecosystem, already today providing successfully a DAO with launchpad for new AI projects, where you can be sure to find real value. The project has been launched in late 2018, with now increasing more in value due to the expansion of AI and applications in business. DYOR, but if I would bet in AI in blockchain and Web3, SingularityNet is something that can have a bright future! https://singularitynet.io/ Show Less

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