There are a lot of things wrong with this project.

First and foremost, they throw around a lot of buzzwords, but don't take the time to explain them plainly. This happens a lot in crypto. Either they want to seem smart and they actually have very little real tech, or they do have legit tech and they don't know how to communicate the benefits and how it works. In both scenarios, it doesn't give investors enough insight to make an educated decision.

More importantly for me, this is running on Ethereum, which is a terrible blockchain and the project is getting support from Charles Hoskinson of Cardano, a guy that I have serious reservations about.

I also have doubts about AI running on slow blockchain technology, at least blockchain in its current form.

All that said, the project does have big backers and could succeed as an AI marketplace. So 2 stars for that.

On a more philosophical note, this is yet another project that seems to be bowing down to AI as a "god" that will control everything and be all-knowing. I'm not down with that...I'll keep my humanity, thank you very much. Show Less

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