Can we potentially be gearing up for a Solana winter (in a good way)? I wouldn't be surprised (NFA, but I'm filling my bags).

Here is a round-up of some of the innovation and partnerships that have been happening just over the last couple of weeks (date of writing: 25 Aug 2023).

  1. Solana Pay has integrated with @Shopify, allowing millions of businesses to sell their wares and shoppers to buy using Web3 payments, with no transaction fees. Source

  2. The Solana Labs Plugin for ChatGPT is now live on @OpenAI's plugin store. It can read your balance, list your NFT's, help you to find NFTs at the best price and show you the latest transactions in your wallet. Source

  3. Maple, a treasury management solution, is back supporting the Solana chain after the FTX crash. This will help DAOs and Web3 Treasuries operating on Solana to have access to yield backed by US Treasury Bills. Source

  4. Elusiv launched this week which allows for private token swaps on Solana (see my review)

  5. Drip (@drip_haus) announced they've raised a $3 million seed round to accelerate the growth of collectible content & Web3 social platforms along with a dozen contributors from the Solana ecosystem. Source

  6. Phoenix, a limit order book for spot assets on Solana launched on 23 Aug. Source

  7. Membrane Finance has brought the first Euro stablecoin to Solana and introduced card payments. According to the tweet, "this introduces foreign exchange, euro payments, and store of value for Europeans while ensuring compliance in anticipation of the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) set to take effect in 2024."Source Show Less

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