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Can we potentially be gearing up for a Solana winter (in a good way)? I wouldn't be surprised (NFA, but I'm filling my bags). Show More


Its been a while since i have written a review, but thought this was a interesting fact that I needed to share. Show More


The more I read the more bullish I become on the Solana blockchain. Four stars because I skim read and may have missed somethings but Messari's State of Solana Q2 research is to the moon! Show More


Let me start by saying that I personally hold SOL in my wallet, so I am slightly biased. But you are here to read why I am. Show More

If i would have to pick a blockchain in the top 10 that is ready for adoption, then its Solana. Show More

Solana had it's ups and downs. But they had been building during bear market.

They are working with Jump Crypto team to build "Firedancer", a new validator client. Show More

Solana (SOL)

What is the number one thing to know about Solana? Solana is taking significant steps to enhance the fairness and integrity of its network by penalizing validators involved in Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) activities, such as sharing mempool transactions. Show More

Loveee !!

While I may be a bit bias because Phantom (Sol's wallet) is home to some of my favorite NFTs, it's hard to deny the significance of Solana in the web3 ecosystem. Show More

Solana’s epic announcements are making waves and reinforcing my confidence in it as a solid investment. Show More

Solana , (SOL) a cryptocurrency that's gained a lot of attention over the last couple years . Show More

This is a progress report since most reviews on Solana are months old. It is December 7th, 2023 and we have just witnessed SOL go on an incredible 3-month run from 18USD in early September to 72USD today. Show More

How does Solana operate?

Solana employs a combination of proof-of-history and delegated proof-of-stake protocols to achieve rapid transaction processing. Show More

I remember when SOL emerged as one of the 'Ethereum killers'. They employ a delegated proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanism. Show More

Solana has always been strong in my personal investment portfolio, and this is still the case today as it remains one of my top earners. Show More


Over the past year, the network has failed Solana and the users frequently, which is a significant issue for a network that wants to achieve fast and affordable payments. Show More

Solana rose to fame in 2020 with its unique blend of proof of history and delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism along with timestamped transactions to maximize efficiency. Show More

I love the concept and the project and the blockchain idea behind. In the past years it showed good interest as well, companies willing to develop their project due to the fast speed of the blockchain , just to mention few: Show More


Overall, I'm not a fan of Solana's tokenomics. In particular, the burning mechanism doesn't make sense. Show More

I'm not big on the team at Solana, or the project itself, but as individuals, the founders do have extensive experience with big projects. Show More


Solana's key strength lies in its ability to deliver fast and scalable blockchain solutions. Show More

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