Its been a while since i have written a review, but thought this was a interesting fact that I needed to share.

Solana now supports Solidity, a powerful smart contract language, used by developers.

Many developers don't like to learn new programming language so they normally stay within the area they know, do their job and move on to the next project. This support allows developers from for example Ethereum to also take jobs from this ecosystem. But also projects that are looking to move to a L2 could now decide to just move to Solana, where they can continue to buiild with the same knowledge instead of moving everything over to Rust.

I think this will definitely move more devs into this space so a good step on progress.

Firedance their second validator client is also still in the pipeline for this year and would boost their tps above 1 mil, but also will lower the possible blackouts because their will be a second line that keeps validating when a bug occurs or a attack is done like with the previous cases. Show Less

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