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The Open Network, referred to as TON, is a blockchain technology developed by the team behind the Telegram messenger in 2018. The TON coin serves as the main cryptocurrency on the network and is utilized for paying transaction fees and as collateral by validators to maintain network security. TON is unique as it’s one of only a few cryptocurrencies that has operated as both PoW & PoS.

  • High transaction throughput
  • Low volatility
  • Stable long-term price action
  • Extremely high utility through blockchain services and Dapp infrastructure
  • Micropayment support
  • DNS
  • Decentralized storage functionality
  • Configurable parameters

Information about TON's revenue is scarce, but it is likely that data about it will become readily accessible soon. Like other first-layer blockchains, TON's revenue and demand is mainly driven by transaction fees on the network.

Demand for TON currently comes from

  • Transaction fees
  • Payments
  • Telegram/ TON domains
  • Whales club NFTs

Regarding the TON Foundation's treasury size and composition, they have approximately $340 million in the Ongoing and TAV fund, which are offered as grants and investments for emerging TON projects to apply for.

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