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I praise Unlock for its community engagement efforts, which have been a significant strength of the project. However, when it comes to their following on social media platforms, the project has yet to reach a substantial size which is very disappointing especially as the project has been around since 2019. This larger following is crucial for Unlock to achieve mainstream adoption and ensure its overall success.

The Unlock team actively participates in approximately 6-12 community engaging events each month, as evidenced by the events link below. They regularly host AMA sessions, involve the community in voting processes, and attend cryptocurrency events worldwide. Despite not having the largest number of followers, their engagement level remains high across their media platforms, including Discord (5K members), Twitter (15k followers), and Telegram (1.4K).

One really notable aspect of their community is the project's active presence on Discord. CEO, Julien and other team members actively engage with the community on there, having a few meaningful discussions and promptly responding to comments. Such dedication to community interaction is commendable and contributes positively to the project's overall image. Show Less

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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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