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Unlock is an access control protocol built on blockchain that let creators monetize their content without relying on a middleman.

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Unlock Protocol is a system that creates memberships and sells access NFTs memberships cards valid for a wide range of activities, mainly related to community and revenue generation like membership subscriptions, ticketing events like hackathons, validations of certificates, and token gating access are some examples. Show More


This particular cryptocurrency project has been identified as having poor tokenomics. There are several reasons for this assessment. Show More


Connecting humans through NFT-based memberships is probably the most humane and emotional component that got my attention from marketing standpoint, but let's start from the beginning. Show More

Unlock Protocol is a decentralized platform that enables creators to monetize their content and community by creating memberships or subscriptions. Show More

Memberships and Subscriptions are my favourite business models, sustainable, scalable, and Unlock Protocol has developed one of the most compelling solutions, to my view. Show More


Upon reviewing the provided roadmap, depicted in Figure 1, I must express my disagreement with its effectiveness. Show More

Upon reviewing the team bio, I have some comments to share

  • Firstly, the team seems adequately balanced with 5 full-time engineers. Show More

Unlock Protocol allows people an opportunity to organise and monetise content on Web3. The products that caught my eye, in addition to ALPAtweet, are Flocker and Certification. Show More


What does it take to get the idea spread, from using it to becoming a permanent user (AKA Member)? Show More


Zoom out… Look at the forest, not just the trees.

As an analyst, we often get caught up in examining the “trees,” such as the team, the tokenomics, if the token is a good buy, etc., and we forget to zoom out and look at the “forest.”

Show More


I am still very high on the idea of UDT and think this project has so much real world potential if it can gain the traction it needs to break into the mainstream. Show More


If you look at the project’s road map the team have constantly ticked off their aims of what they have set themselves out to achieve and they have lots more realistic and timely aims set out for the future which I expect them to do the same with. Show More


Unlock is a protocol designed to empower developers, creators, and platforms in creating memberships. Show More


A platform that allows you to create guilds, clubs, or communities using NFTs, primarily on ETH and EVM compatible blockchains. Show More

I would say NO without hesitation for the following reasons:

  • First, according to Unlock Protocol's documentation, the protocol distributes new tokens based on a logarithmic curve determined by the protocol's usage. Show More

Unlock's website and branding is very a slick and clean design so I cannot fault them for this. Show More


Upon conducting research, it appears that Unlock Inc. has not invested much effort into marketing activities, which has led to poor performance. Show More


I think the team is littered with talented individuals and they all have lots of their experience in their respective fields which is what I like to see and some of them have even performed these roles for already hugely successful companies which is a bonus. Show More


I praise Unlock for its community engagement efforts, which have been a significant strength of the project. Show More


Overall, Unlock Protocol leverages blockchain technology and NFTs to facilitate the creation, management, and customization of memberships. Show More

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