Connecting humans through NFT-based memberships is probably the most humane and emotional component that got my attention from marketing standpoint, but let's start from the beginning.

Idea and Story:

Subscription, community, membership, ecosystem, all in one suite products for B2B and B2C, a lot to swallow, and yet well structured and communicated, visually.


Going thru website one feels that lots of strategic work was done in content placement, it`s easy to read, get the bug picture, UX/UI done well and right.

Unlock Showcase:

This is one of my favourite pages where they did showcase projects that are utilizing their solutions: https://showcase.unlock-protocol.com/ (Great marketing and PR move)

Grants program:

https://unlock-protocol.com/grants is a perfect opportunity to get your idea realized, one gets the support, marketing, community, all one should do and get down to business. Team is doing everything possible to accelerate the adoption of their ecosystem.


I like AMA/Twitter spaces along with their frequences, the engagement with a community is contagious, i could only admire and wish that other projects could learn this example from the team.

Youtube is used as a primary source to educate early adopters, newbies and dev teams to use the ecosystem, very consistent content, easy to understand and get in touch with the support team.


Online and oflfine events indicated on https://unlock-protocol.com/upcoming-events is great opportunity to connect directly with team, community, partners and more. Show Less

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