Upon reviewing the team bio, I have some comments to share

  • Firstly, the team seems adequately balanced with 5 full-time engineers. However, I noticed that only 3 bios are available in their company profile, and one of the engineers, Clément Renaud, has been working as a researcher for the past 10 years without any recent involvement in development projects.

  • Assuming that Julien Genestoux, the CEO, is the architect, it is worth noting that he worked as a Lead Engineer at Medium from February 2016 to February 2018, where he contributed to the company's crypto project by researching and designing economic models to incentivize and reward positive usage of the platform. Additionally, he recently joined The Graph as a Council Member, which indicates that his experience is well-suited for this position.

  • It is worth noting that while most of the team is based in the US, Clément Renaud, the Senior Software Engineer, is located in France and Kalidou Diagne, the Front-End Software Engineer, is based in Italy. This raises concerns about communication.

  • Finally, most of the team members joined in 2022, despite the project being launched in February 2018 and having successfully raised funds. This raises questions as to why the team did not expand its workforce during the golden period of building crypto projects between 2018 and 2021.

Overall, while the team has talented individuals in their respective roles, I would give them a rating of 3 stars. Show Less

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