I can imagine Venom being one of those projects which comes onto the market with a relatively high valuation and depending on the timing of a potential airdrop, if this coincides with the launch of its token then $VENUM has the potential to drop hard like a lead balloon when it first gets listed on the market.

However I would not worry, and if it does this sort of price action I would see this drop as an opportunity. With licencing from the Abu Dhabi Global Market to operate under their jurisdiction, a well-structured, long term approach to their vesting schedule in the project’s tokenomics, coupled with what it seems to be a competent and experienced core leadership team, Venom seems to be in safe hands for the long term. Because of this long term outlook that should mean there will likely be a great buying opportunity to come at some point with this token if some patience is exercised.

The project has got off to an impressive start with its testnet attracting a substantial number of users, and has also helped the project to build up a large following. Additionally Venom, has established a massive foothold in the Middle East, a territory with significant potential for the future of digital assets. Venom appears to now be in a commanding position, and I believe the token has the potential for longevity – definitely a ecosystem to keep an eye on and it has strong potential for a future buy. Show Less

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