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Recently there have been many rumors about one of Venom foundation (VENOM) founders Alibek Issaev being a scammer and wanted by interpol, the Russian Federation and the UAE for various frauds, money laundering and even murder and terrorism. Show More


Venom is an impressive Layer Zero blockchain project that is currently in Testnet.


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While I gave them 4 stars in idea for the lack of a killer feature, I’m giving them 5 stars in tech for exemplary execution. Show More


Venom has recently made big moves in the crypto space, evident from their testnet running for extended hours. Show More


[udpdated on May 26, 2024] - the project has been a major failure overall, so updated my ranking to represent the reality. Show More


50K subs on YouTube with less than 50K views in total?? (img1)

I hate it when projects buy traffic. Show More


Venom on Twitter: Our team has a lot of experience, including former executives from BlackRock and engineers from Apple & Huawei, which helped us achieve our technological breakthrough. Show More


So.. $VENOM Looked promising, incredibly popular and worked fast AF, but turned out to be a disappointment. Show More

Venom Network is a Layer 0 Blockchain utilizing the first-of-its-kind PoS mechanism licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), an international financial center. Show More

Venom seems like a serious next generation layer 0 as well as it's own layer 1. It is new POS blockchain that is adding several new tech upgrades under one umbrella. Show More

Edit: I"m downgrading to 1 stars due to the legal proceedings Alibek Issaev has pertaining to fraud in both Russia and the UAE. Show More

Happy to spotlight Venom as it was brought to my attention by our new analyst, Nima. I have used the dApps on Venom for over a month now and can give some good insights on the project and my experiences with the testnet. Show More


It's been quiet for a while around Venom, but the moment is here. They will launch on the OKX exchange this Monday. Show More

Venom is a very high quality project in my opinion. But I’m giving it 4 stars in idea because I don’t think they add anything new to the space and there is a lot of competition. Show More


After creating my Venom wallet and connecting it to the testnet, I spent some time exploring their ecosystem and completing the tasks assigned to me in order to receive NFT rewards for each "project." Show More

  • Twitter account has ~800k followers and more important average view of each post is more than 100k (fig 1 and fig 2). Show More

[updated on May 26, 2024] - Unfortunately this project didn't live up to expectation, great tech and UI, but something else went terribly wrong. Show More

Introducing the Venom Foundation, the new and shiny layer 0 blockchain ecosystem entering the crypto world. Show More

Venom is an emerging layer zero blockchain ecosystem currently operating in testnet mode. Show More

If you haven't heard about Venom, it's time to catch up. I recently tried their testnet, and it was honestly one of the best testnet experiences I ever gotten. Show More

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