50K subs on YouTube with less than 50K views in total?? (img1)

I hate it when projects buy traffic. How am I supposed to trust any of their social media numbers when it's so obvious that it is bought? They didn't even put in the effort to buy traffic to some of their videos..

I'm not giving 1 stars because it's a very common industry practice. But you should ask yourself, if Bitcoin or Ethereum would buy traffic to make their social media accounts look better than they are?

I'm adding an additional star because they have a transaction chart (img2), which I think should be industry standard, but very few projects have it.

However, I'm taking off that additional star because they're calling themselves a "layer 0" on the main page. Imo they are a multi-chain, like Polkadot, where only chains within the ecosystem are interoperable (img3 taken from the whitepaper). Connections to other chains require a bridge in multi chain systems. A layer 0 is a chain that's interoperable with existing chains without requiring a bridge. As far as I understand Venom chains are only interoperable within the ecosystem and a bridge is required to connct to outside chains. Either they're disingenuous, or they don't understand the term layer 0, or I don't understand the term properly. Happy to be educated if anyone thinks I'm wrong! Show Less

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