Happy to spotlight Venom as it was brought to my attention by our new analyst, Nima. I have used the dApps on Venom for over a month now and can give some good insights on the project and my experiences with the testnet.

I love the Venom Wallet. It is super user-friendly and the design is great. The interface is clean and makes sense. This is often not the case, but everything just seems to be in the right spot. I was blown away by the response time when I clicked on anything.

My experience with testing the Venom dApps was a great experience. I also earned about 8 NFTs with it.

Venom Scan shows records of the Venom blockchain and I was surprised to see it already having over 232,222,469 successful transactions. Web3.World is a DEX on Venom for trading by pooling liquidity, and I performed a few tasks were with VenomBridge for interchain transactions. I could swap and stake VENOM tokens with great rewards on VenomStake, and bought an NFT buy on oasis.gallery.

If you compare a wallet like Trust Wallet with similar options, Venom just overrules Trust Wallet in any way and responds way better than, for example, xPortal, which is quite often a bit laggy. Show Less

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