If you haven't heard about Venom, it's time to catch up. I recently tried their testnet, and it was honestly one of the best testnet experiences I ever gotten. Like why can't all Layer 0 blockchains be this easy to navigate? Wink Wink you know who I'm calling out. The team managed to package the fun of crypto into a slick GUI for beginners to even be pros, and the feedback I have for it is "WTF this is amazing"

But erm, where's the USP? They've mashed together the best of other chains, which ok quite cool, but where's the unique innovation from Venom? Don't tell me their innovation lies within combining the best of everything LOL? The whitepaper might be one of the cleanest I've came across, but it still lacks emphasis on aspects to distinguish the project for mass adoption. Also, the vesting period may seem legit, but inflationary token release instead of a fixed token supply? That's a choice, I guess, but will that be able to sustain long term?

Yes, Venom's UX is the goat, but the rest feels kinda wobbly. While they've done plenty right, the lack of innovation and the tokenomics kinda leave me scratching my head. Cool project, but is it sustainable enough? Hmm. Show Less

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