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Zaros has released ZRS a week ago, though FJORD, a more equitable launchpad, starting from .19 and ending at .02 cents.

After that it was released on MEXC and the price has ranged from .007 to 0.022.

So lets get into their Nomics and see if it worth our money!

Token Distribution Breakdown: Investors: 6-month cliff and a 12-month vesting period.

Ecosystem Incentives (zPoints): Includes incentives for initial protocol participation, ongoing incentives for protocol participation for the next 4 years, and airdrops.

Treasury: Reserved tokens for operational needs, opportunistic fundraising, and ongoing expenses. 0,75% at TGE, no cliff, and vesting schedule TBD.

Advisory: 6-month cliff and an 18-month vesting period.

Core Contributors: 6-month cliff and a 12-month vesting period.

Founders: 6-month cliff and a 24-month vesting period.

For starters, I Did NOT like the vesting , why ?

Because the bigger Cliff+Vesting sums a 30month period. That indicates a lesser commitment for the next Bearmarket, implying that the 40,67% to 55,67% price pressure/token inflation will be given in and average of 27%/year without summing up the Ecosystem Incentives.

Is there a good side for the tokens? Yes, Revenue Distribution!

The Zaros Revenue Distribution system is responsible for managing the allocation of ETH real yield accrued by the protocol through fees paid by traders using Zaros' trading products.

70% to ZLP Vaults: Accrued ETH is sent to the ZLP Vaults LPs.

15% to veZRS Lockers: To incentivize long-term holding and participation in the ecosystem.

10% to the DAO Treasury: Empowers the DAO with funds.

5% for Buyback and Burn of ZRS: The remaining revenue is used to buy back ZRS tokens from the market and subsequently burn them, reducing the overall supply.

Yes, unfortunately it's only 5%, but this will make an ongoing support for the ZRS tokens.

Also, the ones who lock ZRS, will acquire veZRS and earn 15% of the Revenue.

Overall The Token Might have a huge selling pressure in the next two years and the revenue positive inflow to acquire the ZRS from the project may not be enough, but with the Locking, having a combined share of the Revenue might make it worth.

I'll rate a optimistic 4 Stars and keep an eye on ZRS to update accordingly. Show Less


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