Ziliqa has a team of over 50 scientists, engineers, venture creators and industry experts which all share the same value of ‘evolving the scalability and sustainability of blockchain technology.

Their team is broken up into six different divisions:

  1. ‘Ecosystem Team’ which supports blockchain education and growth initiatives. This team basically perform all Ziliqa’s market research and tries to promote the adoption of the Ziliqa platform.
  2. ‘Business Tech Team’ who are their blockchain consultants and help the adoption of Ziliqa by applying it to real world businesses. Their aim is to grow the networks use.
  3. ‘Platform Team’ these guys are the developers that help to design, construct and manage the Ziliqa infrastructure.
  4. ‘Language Team’ as I have mentioned Ziliqa has its own smart contract language called Scilla. This team maintains and improves their smart contract language to improve the implementation of it for their users.
  5. ‘Usability Team’ this team maintains the SDK’s, IDEs, toolkits, applications and documentation for their dApp developers and end users.
  6. ‘Marketing and Communications Team’ responsible for getting Ziliqa’s name out to the masses.

The teams are well laid out with their roles, however in my opinion it could be more streamlined as the marketing and communications team and the ecosystem team could easily fall into one umbrella rather than two separate divisions. Their strongest teams seem to be their technical teams which include platform, language and useability team, with the weaker teams inside Ziliqa being the marketing and more business sides which strive for awareness and adoption.

To look more in-depth at the individual team members behind the project look in the link below:

https://www.zilliqa.com/team Show Less

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