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#On-Chain Activity

Zilliqa is one of the veterans of the market, launched during the previous bull run of 2017-2018. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

Zilliqa, along with other smart contract platforms like IOTA and EOS, has recently faced difficulties in maintaining high levels of activity within its ecosystem. Show More


The first thing that stands out to me when I look at the ZIL community is their concerted effort to connect with people through various media channels. Show More


One aspect of Ziliqa’s project which I admire is its own use of individual technology that is not just a complete copy and paste job with a new logo put on to it as many other blockchain projects actually are. Show More

Zilliqa (ZIL) is a blockchain platform that aims to address the scalability limitations of traditional blockchain networks. Show More


Ziliqa has a team of over 50 scientists, engineers, venture creators and industry experts which all share the same value of ‘evolving the scalability and sustainability of blockchain technology. Show More


As an established project in the space that has built up a whole ecosystem around its blockchain it is safe to say Ziliqa is not going anywhere anytime soon. Show More

I like Zilliqa website on first impression. But it's a top 100 chain and live since 2017, so you'd expect it to be top notch. Show More


If I check the team behind Zilliqa, it appears they have a strong technical background and experience in both academia and entrepreneurship, which could do well for the platform's success. Show More


In my opinion, Zilliqa is a great blockchain platform that offers fast and secure transactions. Show More


Overall, I am quite fond of Zilliqa (ZIL). In my reviews, ZIL performs well.

I randomly searched for Zilliqa on YouTube and found a list full of reviews and buy advisory videos that predict its growth for various reasons. Show More


Many projects that are heavily reliant on their product and development skills often lack communication skills to showcase and impress their audience. Show More

Zilliqa is a high-performance permissionless blockchain that enables developers to program powerful smart contracts for enterprises and applications in a secure manner. Show More


Jeppopo covered the Zilliqa team in detail, but I'd like to add on to his views.

Looking at Zilliqa's Team, they seem to be extremely technically strong, with over 50 that focuses on maturing the industry and evolving their scalability as well as sustainability of the blockchain technology. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

Looking at Zilliqa's Ecosystem statistics on their website, I'm surprised to see that the daily transactions and all metrics across the board has dipped heavily over the past 7 days, which leads me to believe that more and more users and developers are looking at leaving the current ecosystem. Show More


I have some concerns about the possibilities of market manipulation by early investors, as well as the potential for centralization and a decline in decentralization and security. Show More


I would like to revise this progress review to provide more information about Zilliqa's game console, which will be the world's first WEB3 crypto-game console. Show More


I like the idea of ZIL. They have an attractive option for developers who are looking to create solutions for large-scale enterprises in financial services, gaming, advertising, and other sectors. Show More


The positives revolving around the community of Ziliqa are that the project has a sizeable social media presence of over 400k Twitter followers and over 44.5k subreddit members. Show More


Zilliqa has made significant progress in developing and building out its blockchain platform since its launch in 2018. Show More

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