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As of the time of writing, Zksync has achieved an impressive milestone of reaching 1 million followers on Twitter. Their Twitter account is highly regarded within the crypto community and is followed by major cryptocurrency accounts. Zksync has been actively retweeting announcements from promising projects that are deploying on the ZK network, generating significant discussion and interest among the crypto world.

The project's rapid rise to over 1 million addresses and the potential for an upcoming project airdrop have become the primary topics of conversation in the Twittersphere. The buzz around Zksync is fuelled by its growing community and the anticipation surrounding its token launch.

The project's Discord server, with a membership of 500,000, is currently at full capacity and will not let me join, making it impossible to assess the quality and activity level of the discussions taking place there. However, the fact that the Discord server is full speaks volumes about the strong community and following that Zksync has garnered even before the launch of its token.

In terms of Telegram, Zksync's main announcement channel boasts 43,000 members, while the community channel has 27,000 members. Although the community channel may not be highly active with insightful discussions, the overall numbers indicate a significant level of interest in the project.

Notably, Zksync has already achieved 1.5 million active addresses, surpassing other crypto projects in terms of wallet adoption speed. The project has successfully gathered a substantial and enthusiastic following, despite not having launched its token yet. It is exciting to anticipate the growth of this community as the project continues to develop and eventually launches its token. Show Less


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