Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech.


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In order to understand the revolutionary concept behind zkSync, it's essential to know the fundamentals of Zero-Knowledge technology, so in this category, the primary focus will be on the idea of ​​ZK and why it is crucial in the context of zkSync. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

I heard about a potential airdrop for zkSync which led me to test out numerous platforms and bridges on the network. Show More

Personally, I think ZK tech can revolutionize not only the crypto industry, but many other fields as well. Show More

Navigating the Blockchain Traffic: My Fun Take on zkSync!

Imagine Ethereum is like a super busy highway. Show More

zkSync’s parent company Matter Labs has raised over $450 million including a $200 million ecosystem fund to foster zkSync’s adoption. Show More

From what I can gather, if things continue to progress positively, zkSync might just become the next big thing after Arbitrum and Optimism. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

The primary objective of this review, concerning zkSync, is to describe the correlation between network activity and the potential distribution of a future token(retrodrop). Show More


A privacy project on Ethereum makes zero sense.

If you want privacy, then Ethereum is not the place to build a project. Show More


There are two main types of rollups: ZK rollups and Optimistic rollups. ZK rollups use zero-knowledge proofs specifically, SNARKs (Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) to verify the validity of transaction batches, while Optimistic rollups assume the validity of off-chain computations unless proven otherwise with fraud proofs. Show More

Definitely a project to keep an eye out, likely to undergo some airdrop for early adopters. Show More

zkSync it's got a nice ring to it. They have an ambitious vision for the future of blockchain technology. Show More


I would love to write a long review for zkSync marketing but initially, I think they did a simple yet effective job on their marketing. Show More


As of the time of writing, Zksync has achieved an impressive milestone of reaching 1 million followers on Twitter. Show More


zkSync, developed by Matter Labs, is a relatively new player in the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution landscape. Show More


A scaling solution for ETH... another one... Yes! ETH alone won't be able to do what is needed, so they need a second layer to do the hard work... Show More


zkSync is an open source project that is being developed by parent company Matter Labs. Matter Labs specializes in making crypto payments cheaper and to scale smart contracts within the sector. Show More

zkSync is a layer 2 blockchain on Ethereum that eliminates it's inherent congestion via Zero-Knowledge proofs to offload its network traffic and reduce transfer fees. Show More

The Concept.

zkSync is taking industry by storm. A project powered by Matter Labs.

The team is building the future-proof zkEVM. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

A TVL of $193M+ reflects a significant amount of value locked within the ZkSync ecosystem, indicating a considerable level of engagement and investment. Show More


The best tokenomics you can have, no tokens ! at least not yet, it might change in the future as they do want to move into a decentralised control over the development of the blockchain so like a DAO, but this can be handled on many different ways and doesn't always require a token. Show More

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