#On-Chain Activity

I heard about a potential airdrop for zkSync which led me to test out numerous platforms and bridges on the network. I sent around 0.1 ETH ($200) to play around with the dApps and spent around $40-$50 total in gas, which is MUCH lower compared to Ethereum Network.

Here are a few platforms I used to hopefully qualify for the zkSync airdrop:

  1. I bridged ETH to zkSync 1.0 mainnet using https://wallet.zksync.io where I connected my MetaMask wallet to top up ETH from Ethereum mainnet to zkSync 1.0

  2. I minted my own NFT on the ZigZag exchange https://trade.zigzag.exchange using the zkSync 1.0 network

  3. Next I recieved some free tokens from zkSync 2.0 faucet (testnet) at https://portal.zksync.io/

  4. Finally I used all the top applications that have been built on zkSync 2.0 (mainly DeFi) to exchange or swap ETH for tokens on-chain.

  1. Last thing I did on the zkSync Era was mint a zkPengz NFT (the first fully onchain NFT collection on zkSync)

Initially the whole process was seamless with great UX/UI, the only thing that takes long is sending back ETH to Ethereum Mainnet which takes around 24 hours. Show Less

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