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zkSync it's got a nice ring to it. They have an ambitious vision for the future of blockchain technology. I've currently tested zkSync Era to acquire one of the first NFT projects zkPengz which I will mention in the on-chain review! There is also a potential airdrop for early users. Something definitely to test if true!

The layer 2 scaling solution is designed to improve the speed and efficiency of the Ethereum networking by forwarding transactions off the main Ethereum network while enforcing a high level of security. zkSync uses zero knowledge technology which implements zero knowledge proofs that allows one party to prove a fact to another party that can be verified without the second party knowing the fact itself.

The layer 2 protocol zkSync Era is built to increase Ethereums data processing whilst also preserving Ethereums foundational values. The technology zkRollup accumulates multiple tasks into a single one that increases the transaction data process significantly without it being corrupted by malicious actors. And the best thing about zkSync, transaction fees are reduced, making it a very attractive solution. Show Less


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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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