They have a very solid deck. Easy to understand, well designed and clear opportunity. The project is beyond the idea stage with an MVP and lots of meaningful partnerships signed, which is rare to see these days. Platforms that facilitate trading are among the most profitable in crypto, so this is... More


Axalio is looking to provide financial services to users in the African continent using web3 technology stacks. They would be competing with Worldcoin and other up coming providers such as X (twitter). The good news, is that they have obtained appropriate licences to... More


This looks like a project to rope Africans into the banking (debt) system and serve as an onramp for CBDCs.

This is a quote from the bottom of their banking page: "Bank the unbanked, support the growth of small businesses and ensure prosperity for all. "

Whenever a project wants to "bank the... More


Financial Technology Platform

Axalio is a financial technology platform focused on providing financial products, banking, payment, and wealth management solutions through several APIs integrations.

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