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I recently engaged with a fellow analyst, Jeppopo, on a seemingly evergreen Buy review for ETH, so I recognize the humor in writing an evergreen Buy review for BTC. More

Over One Million Wallets Now Hold at Least 1 Bitcoin.

The 'King of Crypto' (yes, I'm talking about Bitcoin, not Ethereum, and definitely not Dogecoin... More

I love crypto, but hate Bitcoin. Ever since I 1st got into crypto, I've never understood why people like Bitcoin so much. More

Lets talk a little about last BTC price movements. I think everyone heard about Grayscale. More

If you read the original Bitcoin whitepaper, the idea is brilliant. Unfortunately, many of the original core benefits have been disabled. More

Bitcoin continues to reign as king of crypto - and I don't see that changing anytime soon! More

  • Historical data also shows that Bitcoin tends to confirm an uptrend before halving days (3rd fig), the next halving day is estimated in Apr or May 2024 so here is a good area to buy


The BTC technology stack is probably the best there is, however I'm giving it a 3 stars because there is a significant risk at play against Proof-of-Work which BTC is built upon. More

Everyone who is hear reading this or in crypto should already know a great deal or something about Bitcoin (BTC) or are here because they heard of Bitcoin first and would love to know more (most people). More

The Bitcoin network has been relatively quiet in recent days. The number of transactions has been declining, and the price has been trading sideways. More

Proof you don’t need a huge sophisticated team to create something unique and revolutionary. More

This looks like a legit bull market.

What I really like about this chart is that price has moved up, but volume hasn't kicked in yet. More

Ok, gang. With all the staking I’ve been doing lately, I figured I’d stake something else: More

Using the 'Multiverse approach' (image1) and adding a fact, Options are to expire in December 1st, 8th, and 15th, it will shake the markets as it will expire only in March 2024 and, until there, many macro doubts might be revealed, such as the end of BTFP, how the yield curve de-invertion will bring up. More

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