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CryptoUnity is a platform where beginners buy their first crypto, cold-store it, and learn as they go.

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Here's my spotlight of the week: CryptoUnity. I got on the presale beginning of this year and I must say, they know how to build a community. Show More

CryptoUnity (CUT) is looking to be a real game changer in the crypto world, launched 2023 on BNB Smart Chain. Show More


Developing idea and executing is one of the challenge, the other is to tell its story using marketing strategy/tools. Show More


Concept is simple and yet exciting.

Despite my experience, i still consider myself as a potential target audience of this infrastructure. Show More


Quick share of an airdrop 1,000,000 share $CUT & USDT

Last time I had 7600 $CUT worth around $90 for not too much work. Show More


So, just had an annoucement/reminder of a burning event on:

19th December Time: 7 PM

So tomorrow, if you read today, the 18th.. Show More

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