Based on information received, which is not entirely matching some of the information on the website, be careful as you might be seeing some old tokenomics information depending where you look. The correct information is attached as a picture below.

** Paid Tokens: **

  • Seed round of 75M (5% of supply) tokens at $0.02 for raise of $1.5M
  • Private round of 75M (5% of supply) tokens at $0.03 for... More


Mini Review: Devo Project

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

The Devo Project had promising potential, but unfortunately, it faced significant setbacks that have hindered its success. While the project itself had several positive aspects, the tokenomics model employed for its launch proved to be inadequate, resulting in a lack of protection and subsequent collapse of the token price.

One of the critical... More



Sadly, although it was a great project. The tokenomics model didn't protect enough for the launch ($400K of potential selling volume right from TGE combined with very small liquidity). The price has since completely collapsed. It started very strong on coinstore at $0.08, went up to trading around $0.20, now trading around $0.008. At this point, confidence has been destroyed so early (~1 week after launch)

I really don't know if they will be able to recover from this. I think they would need to rebrand and launch again from scratch.


#Micro Review

"Philanthropic Investment" is a bit of an oxymoron like "Jumbo Shrimp."

This project appears to be a 5-star endeavor. It aims to leverage blockchain technology for a real-world application, creating a transparent and immutable ledger for donations, expenditures, and volunteer efforts.

Just the thought of it is commendable and makes me feel good.

However, based on my experience and reading,... More


#Micro Review

The amount of money being spent in the philanthropic sector ($2.3t) is insane, but only a small portion of that money ends up at its destination. Currently, when you donate, you have no way to track where your money went, how it was spent, or if the goal was reached and your donation actually changed a life. I think creating a solution that gives more transparency in this is already great!

This... More



"When a problem comes must whip it...." Oops, wrong Devo.

But the reality is there are problems in the world that need to be addressed and from what I can see, the team behind DeVO Protocol have the credentials to 'whip it good'.

The Founder and President, Ibrahim Khader, refers to himself on Linkedin as a 'thought leader' and has had over 11 years prior experience running a home... More


#Micro Review

Trust and Transparency in the Volunteering and Philanthropy Ecosystems

I believe in the above; it's important to me, and DeVo is working towards managing that. Often, you hear people saying, "I hope they will do something useful with my donation," due to lack of transparency and the inability to respond quickly, impacting the intended location. While there are reputable organizations like... More


#Micro Review

Spoke with their team yesterday as they are about to do an IEO on Coinstore.

Concept: Philanthropy on blockchain with a crowd of volunteers to support ESG type of projects. That's pretty interesting, I've seen other charity type of coins before, and I think that's much better than Meme coin with no utility or value outside making a few early adopters rich. So, if you can make some money while... More



Devo Protocol also has a highly modular architecture, which makes it easy for developers to customize and integrate different components. It uses a smart contract platform called DevoScript, which is based on the popular Solidity programming language used in Ethereum. This makes it easy for developers who are familiar with Ethereum to migrate their existing dapps to the Devo Protocol platform.

In addition to its focus on scalability and flexibility, Devo Protocol also places a strong emphasis on security. It uses advanced cryptography techniques to ensure the integrity and privacy of transactions, including zero-knowledge proofs and ring signatures.

#Micro Review

I came across this project today and it sounded so interesting after reading about it, let's dive into it!

Devo Protocol is a promising blockchain project that aims to make it easier for developers to build decentralized applications (dapps) on the blockchain. It offers a highly flexible and developer-friendly environment, with a modular architecture that allows for easy customization and... More

#Micro Review

Here are some pros/cons with this project based on analysis and study.


Promising Vision: The DeVo Protocol leverages blockchain technology to promote transparency and trust in philanthropy, addressing concerns related to allocation and quick responsiveness.

Team's Credentials: The project boasts a team with diverse expertise, including experience in nursing, electrical and computer... More

#Micro Review

LOL, where do I even start with this project... Okay, I'd have to admit the idea behind it was solid. Leveraging blockchain tech for philanthropy? Heck yeah, that's some Mr. Beast move right there. But after reading thru their execution? That's where I went from LFG to WTF

Seed round at $0.02, Private at $0.03, IEO at $0.08, and suddenly a FDV of $120M. Seems abit too optimistic no? But wait,... More

#Micro Review

DeVO Protocol is an exciting project which revolutionizes a concept everybody can get behind - decentralized volunteering.

In the philanthropic sector where the primary goal is to make a positive impact there are several flaws in its current model. Transparency issues, such as not knowing where funds are going or being spent, and a lack of recognition for the efforts of volunteers for... More

Devo Protocol DeVo

Philanthropy & volunteerism via blockchain

DeVO Protocol is a blockchain ecosystem to create an unprecedented, inclusive philanthropic economy

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