The biggest aspect that strikes me for EasyX as a DEX is its focus on catering to novice traders. While this concept is promising, it raises concerns since experienced traders typically engage in larger amounts, driving higher trading volumes and generating more fees—crucial for sustaining... More


The interface is easy to use and it looks very straightforward. I like that there isn't a lot of complex jargon and concepts on their website. A big plus is that this is a non-KYC exchange, which does have its risks, but I feel is generally a better deal.

If this platform performs as advertised,... More

EasyX is a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) with leverage up to 100X and built for simplicity. Is it an order book system like GMX, Gains, dYdX, Apex, etc.? Is the DEX launched? It would be nice to see some metrics, the UI looks good on the website and pitch deck, but the... More


Decentralized Exchange

EasyX is a DEX that uses fully-audited Bleeding-edge Web3 technology, powered by Mantle: platform is secure, protocol is transparent, and you're in full control of your assets.

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