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Decentralized trading on Avalanche

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A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was rambling on and on to me about how JOE had the potential to be the PancakeSwap as (in his words) "the whole world transitioned into ARB" Show More


$JOE recently launched their Liquidity Book V2.1, which brings significant upgrades such as: Show More

Trader Joe is just another DEX (Decentralized Exchange), where you can trade - buy/sell tokens, farm, stake, pool, and lend on the avalanche blockchain. Show More

Just another "DEX" which isn't really decentralized.

My biggest concern here is the low volume. Show More


Their community is currently only on the following :

  • Twitter which has a lot of followers and fairly frequent posts from the admin. Show More

I couldn't find anything about the Tokenomics on their website. I'd have given 0/5 stars if that was an option. Show More


Trader Joe is a DEX and JOE is their native token, which can be used to provide liquidity in the protocol. Show More


A bit of Activity on Twitter and some good posts.

Nothing on Telegram

I didn't bother going through the Discord verifi... Show More


Very minimalist. No explanation, just links to the relevant actions (trade, pool, farm, etc.)

Show More

DEX on Avalanche

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