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What We Know About the MVC Team (MVC Labs)

MVC will be entirely driven by the DAO as a pure public blockchain, but there is an initial contributor team. Show More


Rug pull

No not just because within days, it slowly went from $36 to $2, but also because even the biggest supporters got banned for proving things aren't right.. Show More

"The Blockchain for Web3"

Micro Vision Chain (MVC) $SPACE is an innovative new L1 blockchain. Show More


One of the best tokenomics I've seen…

It's not often that you come across tokenomics with only THREE line items, but that's the case with Micro Vision Chain (MVC) $SPACE: Show More


No pre-minted token allocation: this is probably my ultimate criteria for sustainable economic model. Show More

MicroVisionChain are branding themselves as the 'blockchain of web3'. In short from what I understand they are a highly scalable layer 1 blockchain and are claiming to outperform all existing other blockchains out there due to its unlimited scalability. Show More

I love this project based on 30min research. Gives me Kaspa vibes. I wouldn't mind spending a whole day or two diving into this project's whitepaper, roadmap and other infos. Show More


I would like to see more marketing efforts from MVC's side. Currently, there are no prominent YouTube videos available about MicroVisionChain, despite there being a lot to share about the project. Show More


As an investor and reader, it is important to have transparency and knowledge of what lies ahead. Show More

I am a big fan of their tokenomics, however there are a few things I'm less of a fan regarding the whole project. Show More


MVC currently has 14 applications on their ecosystem, a far cry from other ecosystems that only recently launched their MainNet (Sui has 44 applications as of 16 May), and it currently seems that most, if not all, of the applications on MVC are from Show3, or the MVC Team. Show More


In order to grasp the technology behind MVC, I had to review the Technical Document, which is available on their website and also included below in this review. Show More


Would I be stacking and buying $SPACE?

MVC has an extremely healthy tokenomics, with no VC unlocks, fixed token supply of 21M, and it feels like a strong callback to bitcoin but with stronger and better ecosystem growth, allowing users to hop in and to build on the space. Show More


$SPACE has no pre-minted token allocation, which is something that has been extremely rare - we've been used to seeing ~50% of token allocation towards partnerships/teams/investors/pre-seed and the such, and to see that a project has all token distributed by workload is amazing. Show More

As the AMA with MVC is coming up, I decided to take a look into the project, and I was pleasantly amazed at how strong the project is. Show More


Given the DAO nature of MicroVisionChain, you would expect a community feel in their socials. Show More


This doesn't smell right. As I read through the website, it's classic word salad and poor English. Show More


Edit.. there's a lot of FUD..price plumped and for over a year they will have 70k per month sell pressure as tokens that come free. Show More

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