NEAR is a layer 1 blockchain that uses a unique scaling mechanism (Nightshade sharding) and makes it especially easy to onboard new users through named accounts. It aims to open the door to mass adoption for Web3.


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Layer 1

NEAR has quite an impressive website that goes really well with their goal of bringing usability. Show More


Given the robust social metrics, a strong Twitter account, and a profound ecosystem with an extensive social community, I award Near Protocol a score of 5. Show More


The project is considered fundamental, and based on tokenomics and historical data, there is a potential for significant growth, even matching a 10x increase during the peak of the next bull run. Show More


One of the strongest teams on the market, they initially received funding not for a specific product, but for the team itself. Show More

I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars. Near has borrowed a lot of the best elements from some of the leading blockchain projects and incorporated it into their own to create a very solid product. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

When we take a closer look at the on-chain activity of NEAR in the context of its massive $500 million total fundraising, it becomes apparent that the project, in its current state, to put it lightly, screwed up. Show More


My assessment of NEAR's tokenomics:


  • Offers excellent utility such as paying transaction fees, on-chain data storage, governance, and validator rewards. Show More

Current generation of Layer 1 solution tackling scalability (through sharding) and interoperability (layer 2). Show More

I have mixed feelings about the NEAR Protocol idea. While there are some positive aspects to the project, there are also certain concerns that I believe need to be addressed. Show More

  • Easy to understand what it is
  • Latest news post are very active.
  • Great explorer for "projects building on near" Show More

The NEAR Protocol community is an exceptional and vibrant ecosystem that has rapidly gained recognition and respect within the blockchain industry. Show More


I'd rate the Near project with a score of 4. While it demonstrates qualities of a quality Layer 1 blockchain, its relatively low user adoption and EVM incompatibility hinder its full potential. Show More

  • Telegram: Extremely active
  • Twitter: Quite active. 50+ retweets and comments per tweet. Show More

Active telegram, big twitter following, has discord, wechat and everything else necessary covered.


NEAR established in 2017, Near Protocol boasts a formidable team of over 200 members, including a core group with extensive experience who were previously part of major corporations and organizations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Consensys, and more. Show More

NEAR Protocol operates on the basis of Public Proof of Stake and Sharding mechanisms. In other words, NEAR functions as a community-operated cloud platform. Show More


Recently, the team announced that it is becoming the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). The BOS is an industry-first category: Show More

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