I will focus my review on giving feedback on pitch deck.

  1. re-order the slides and start with the problem
  2. Reduce the problem statement with 1 important problem and leave all the nice to have as appendix. Make it very clear what problem you solve and quantify it if possible.
  3. Reduce the... More

It seems to me that this team entered the game late. They are offering NFTs in their game and their native token on the platform is NEFT. Staking, which they also offer, appears to be something that was popular 2-3 years ago. However, nowadays users are seeking something unique and new, which I... More


Nerf IT! is developing an all-in-one superapp to unify the fragmented esports, gaming, and crypto ecosystems. The platform merges web2 and web3 gaming into one seamless experience, allowing users to engage with both traditional and blockchain-based gaming/esports.

Key features include... More


This project has potential, but it faces a lot of roadblocks.

First, the team looks pretty good and they have a good concept. If they can create a central hub around which tournaments can be organized, prizes are awarded and new talent can be discovered, those are big potential benefits.

The... More


Esports has emerged as a massive industry with a promising future, and there seems to be a significant overlap in interests between esports enthusiasts and those engaged in the crypto/NFT space in my opinion. The idea of developing a P2E esports super app has the potential to democratize esports... More


I conducted a quick review of Nerf IT, a competitor in the realm of apps designed for participating in esports tournaments, education, and events.

Upon downloading the app, I observed that it had accumulated approximately 1,000 downloads thus far. The app (only) supports five games: Fifa 23, CS... More

Nerf IT

Esports superapp

Nerf IT! is a super app enriched with crypto and NFT, where you can participate in tournaments, education, and events within esports.

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