NFTitties is the latest women-led NFT drop with a mission to celebrate women, art and boobs while fighting breast cancer.


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One of very few and well celebrated use of NFTs, Social Impact, Tech and Fundraising.

This women-led project celebrates women, art and breasts to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Show More

Wow. Sometimes I am really surprised by some crypto projects. This is a good example. I appreciate that NFTitties is trying to bring up an important topic for discussion, but I don't see how they can go any further. Show More

HOOTERS Coin? No, they also glaze their eyes in upper lady parts, but keep the enthusiasm to awareness of breast cancer. Show More

This NFTitties project is more than a cause—it’s a canvas where every brushstroke tells a story. Show More

While I can appreciate the charitable intentions behind this project, it appears to have some major red flags surrounding it. Show More

It's a decent concept, but I don't think that it will take off.

While breasts are a beautiful thing, there is just too much free stuff out there to make these pictures collectable. Show More


This project had been abandoned long ago. The website contains outdated info, Instagram has 1 post dating October 2021, CEO Carlota Dochao Naveira left after 1 month in October 2022, and the Bitchcoin CEO has her hands on anything other than the titties in this project, that's for sure. Show More

Nonprofits and activists are using NFTs and crypto donations to fundraise and raise awareness. Show More


I simply can`t believe why and how project like this is on the verge of disappearance, not a single person among their partners, community members or anyone remotely supported the project failed to take the leadership and push the agenda that has both, tech and socially impactful cause. Show More


As the project overall rating doesn't yet reflects the current state of it, and as no marketing strategy was provided, NFTitties hasn't scaled for not even getting a marketing partnership with the foundation that would benefit from the raise, Keep-a-breast. Show More


When social impact meets technology it can make hell of differences if implemented right. Show More

NFTitties Team Founders are Carlota and Sarah. Carlota had only worked in the project for a month in 2022 and departed(-5). Show More

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