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Probably a unique one, a pure gem when it comes to Data share at large scale and blockchain. Show More


While the tokenomics landscape has changed since 2018 which is when the project was starting, they had good intentions to protect real users and tried to avoid speculators. Show More


When it comes to AI, using a decentralized architecture on blockchain is adding a lot more complexity and is more of a research topic than an actual commercial endeavour. Show More

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange platform aimed at providing a secure and transparent platform for buying, selling, and exchanging data. Show More

It's a marketplace for data that's a bit too simple in my opinion. They mention more interesting things like compute-to-data and AI data processing, but I haven't found anything tangible on that in their whitepaper. Show More



  • Pretty good intro video
  • Their blog is very active with multiple articles per week. Show More

Twitter is average

Telegram is above average.

Couldn't get into discord. but guessing it will be above average as Telegram. Show More

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