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In the DePIN niche, amidst numerous options, I firmly believe that $OCTA stands out as the ultimate choice. Show More


To all $OCTA enthusiasts and prospective holders! Exciting news awaits: the renowned Punk NFTs have now transformed into OctaPunks, available for minting for a limited time of 3333. Show More


Octa.Space VPN Update (New OctaVPN App coming to iOS)

So while Octa Space has been crushing their Roadmap in all areas, I want to share the most recent OctaVPN updates. Show More


Recently I read one of the best Medium article posts of all time, the one from OctaSpace. Be ready to save an hour or two to read it through, but it covers up every possible question or info you need to know on $OCTA. Show More


Next to my Ethereum progress update, also OctaSpace shows ambitious plans for 2024.

The OctaSpace team has revealed the completion of their highly anticipated 2024 Strategic Roadmap. Show More


OctaSpace stands as a versatile cloud platform providing users with access to a range of distributed computing services, data storage, VPN capabilities, and more. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

I'd like to take a brief moment to explain a nice feature they got at their partner, including it's progress, around stake users. Show More


Marketing has been a prominent topic of discussion in recent months on OCTA's Telegram group. Show More


I give 5 stars to the community.

I must express my admiration for the dedication of both the team and the community. Show More

Octa.Space is an ambitious blockchain project aiming to build a decentralized cloud platform for computing power, data storage, and VPN services. Show More


There's a well-known saying: "During a gold rush, sell shovels."

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the new gold rush, and decentralized computing platforms are the proverbial shovels! Show More

Initially, OctaSpace presents an ambitious vision of a decentralized computing platform offering a suite of services, including VPN, AI tools, rendering, and more. Show More


I'm purchasing $OCTA. To be more precise, I'm acquiring more Octa Space!

When I first highlighted this project, I initially purchased it at $0.27. Show More


If you want to understand why OctaSpace tokenomics are excellent…

Keep reading; I will build up the case one step (star ⭐️) at a time so you won't miss anything. Show More


Is Octaspace worth a buy? Hmmm.

When considering whether to invest in Octaspace, there are definitely both positive and negative aspects to weigh. Show More


The success of any project heavily relies on the strength of its team and unfortunately this project seems to be lacking in this crucial aspect, despite having a promising idea. Show More

Sorry, but I have to shoot this one down after only about 15 min of research.

  1. The "get started" Show More

Well, what can I say, I went to the website and clicked top right to get started, bug, then manually altered the URL: Show More

OctaSpace is a blockchain project that aims to revolutionize distributed computing, data storage, and VPN access through its cloud platform. Show More

Updated to 4 stars. The project exhibits growth potential and offers live stats. Show More

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