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PulseChain is my favorite EVM, largely because it's a degen's paradise. The chain is an entire system state fork of Ethereum, which included a 1:1 airdrop to all users who held balances of any token on Ethereum at the time of the snapshot. Show More

right... another L2/Sidechain/Copy thingy off ETH but one of the worse i have seen lately. Show More


This review is strictly technological, focusing on chain infrastructure. Consider refraining from expressing negative sentiments unless you are a developer or a technical professional. Show More

Let me start off with the ugly truth. The sentiment around this project is rubbish. The are many articles like This explaining the project's questionable airdrop causing the huge dump after launch. Show More


I believe Pulsechain will continue to be the #1 coin and community to bring worldwide adoption to crypto this upcoming Bull market. Show More


So many people focus on the wrong thing when talking about PulseChain. Want to know what PulseChain offers you that so little other L1s (blockchains / networks) offer you? Show More

For those who haven't looked into it, the facts strongly suggest that Richard Heart is running one of the biggest pyramid schemes in crypto. Show More


This is literally the only good thing that I have to say about PulseChain, and the only thing that keeps the project going. Show More

This project has so many red flags, I don't know where to begin. Other analysts like iiJJGii have done the due diligence and even the single positive review acknowledges issues with the founder, who seems to be dripping in grift. Show More

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