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Serenity Shield (SERSH) is a decentralized application platform that offers an innovative, revolutionary approach to crypto inheritance and secure storage solutions for our most sensitive data

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When I first started researching Serenity Shield a month ago, I was excited about the prospect of what this product represents in the space - a real life solution to safeguard digital assets in the event of a lost wallet seed or secret phrase, personal tragedy, or death. Show More

Serenity Shield $SERSH providing secure, private data storage using distributed ledger technology. Show More


Serenity Shield introduces a ground breaking dApp featuring three unique NFTs that serve as access keys to your digital fortress. Show More

This project does have a solid use case and it looks like it should work as promised. It also appears that they have the right partnerships. Show More

Serenity Shield has developed StrongBox®, a decentralized application (DApp) that provides secure and private data storage and digital inheritance solutions on the blockchain. Show More

Ever found yourself pondering how to safely pass down your crypto assets without jeopardizing the security of those assets? Show More

What happens to your digital assets in the event you become incapacitated or deceased? Will your trusted ones have access to it? Show More


  • Low MC/FDV which is a positive but why not pump harder given IDO platform?
  • Low depth in liquidity (should be highly volatile) Show More
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