Starknet is a Validity Rollup Layer 2. It provides high throughput, low gas costs, and retains Ethereum Layer 1 levels of security


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Layer 2

Anoter major ZK-rollup player that is in the spotlights: StarkNet, and its mainnet is launching soon. Show More


Starknet is yet another example of VC's dumping on retail investors; joining the ranks of EigenLayer, and Wormhole.

The price is down 72% since it's all time high which was at the token launch itself with a fully diluted market cap of $44B ($6.8B in circulation). Show More


Starknet Changes Token Unlock Schedule for Early Investors and Funds.

Under the previous schedule, Starknet would unlock a third of the token supply for investment funds, approximately $1.3 billion worth of $STRK, on April 15th. Show More

This project earns a 5-star rating for Proof of Execution.

The reason I decided to write about this project was that I noticed, while trading on ApeX (a simple and clean decentralized trading platform introduced by Jeppopo ), that it was "Powered by STARKWare." Show More

Do we really need ANOTHER L2 solution in the market especially as there already is another big fish in the ZK Roll up pond with zkSync? Show More



StarkNet has successfully secured investments from numerous market users through various funding rounds. Show More


Where to start, oh boy.

Community Hub

Firstly, they got live and online events, hackathons and so much more! Show More


StarkNet is developed by StarkWare Industries, an Israeli software company specializing in cryptography. Show More

I believe that there are good micro reviews here already however, there are some notable aspects of this project that have not been mentioned by other analysts. Show More

I've only looked into Starknet briefly, but everything just sits right for me with this project. Show More

Here is a summary of pros and cons for StarkNet


  • Utilizes ZK-STARK technology for valid and private off-chain computations

Show More


Their marketing activity is insane!

Influencers on YouTube, articles on crypto news sites, high activity in engagement and impressive on-chain numbers that back up how well they do! Show More


StarkNet is a technology that enhances Ethereum by providing unlimited computational capacity for DApps through off-chain computations. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

If you though the numbers of Venom were impressive recently, check the numbers below, as of last year. Show More


I love the design of the tokenomics of the StarkNet Token. Its design considers the needs of users, operators, and developers. Show More


Quick update on $STRK

They're live, and to find on (almost) all better CEXs.

If you had a airdrop, please let me know. Show More


Good or bad technology? Let’s check it out.

Starknet is a decentralized layer 2 network that enables Ethereum to scale securely and dapps to achieve unlimited scale for transactions and computation. Show More

I came across StarkNet today and i must say it is a very interesting L2 scalable solution for the Ethereum network. Show More


It might not sounds like a sexy idea anymore, but what they do, they do good. Reducing gas fees is one of the common mentioned things on ETH. Show More

STARKNET - TECHNOLOGY IS BEING TURNED AWAY BY THE COMMUNITY? Starknet is a layer2 solution utilizing zkRollup technology that allows developers to operate at scale while still ensuring security on Ethereum. Show More

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